I received my shrimp dumpling keychain just before Christmas. The delivery time was fast considering how far away I am from Japan. I decided to buy a keychain because I have a long time Japanese friend who rarely gets a chance to come over to Canada BC to visit and when he did, he gave me this gyoza dumpling and i thought it was the coolest thing ever especially with me being a food lover. I also figured it would be neat to stir up a conversation in moments of awkward silences! So I then decided to seek out where I can get another one of these keychains to add on to my collection and Fake Food Japan was where it brought me. The moment I got my keychain in the mail I was impressed with how realistic it looked! You could not tell a real one from a fake one at a certain distance. Only thing I was slightly disappointed in was that it's a bit smaller than I originally thought. But that’s mainly my fault and its not that big of a deal. I still think its cool. I would definitely! recommend anyone to get their fake food accesories from Fake Food Japan as there is no one else that does it more professionally as far as I know. Thanks very much!
Jerry Y., Canada