My family and I are huge lovers of Japanese food from a long time ago. In Barcelona we have the luck of having a powerful Japanese community with very good restaurants that we discovered far before the sushi trend because Japanese food is much more than sushi. One of these restaurants, which I know since my childhood, has some beautiful fake food of ramen, yakisoba and sushi that I always loved. I think Japanese food is very visual, full of gorgeus colors and impresive compositions. I always wanted to start a collection of fake food but it wasn't until last month that I discovered Fake Food Japan in a Facebook ad. It really blew me away with so many beautiful dishes. I inmediately put an order on three keychains (for me, my brother and my mother) before going for "bigger" things. Now that I know the quality of the product is very good I will consider spending some money on more elaborated dishes, and starting my own Japanese fake food collection, which will be my personal temple of one of the things I love more in the world: Japanese food, which for me is the perfect merge between balance and simplicity. I encourage everyone who loves Japanese food to get some of the gorgeus pieces from, their quality is fantastic and they are beautiful.
AdriĆ  Palacios, Spain