I decided to buy from Fake Food Japan because their website at first glance seemed reliable. I checked Fake Food Japan's Facebook page in addition to all of the testimonials from previous customers located on their website, which made me feel secure that I would be taken care of when ordering. I was in contact with FFJ from September the 7th and over a 3 month period, we exchanged about a hundred emails with each other. I imagine that my order was not the most important in the history of FFJ, but Justin knew how to take care of his customers (regardless of size) all the way to the final transaction. Always understanding, he drove the deal to the end with great professionalism. I was so happy to open the boxes containing all of my items. I really felt like a kid opening a new gift for Christmas! First, Fake Food Japan shipped the goods with a respected express delivery company. For customers it's proof of their reliability. Second, every item (16 in my case), was attentively packed with plastic bubble wrap, so there was literally no way for my items to get broken. I'll sum up Fake Food Japan in one word - PERFECT! I'm a professional, and I guess Fake Food Japan could satisfy all professionals with their attention to deal and courteous customer service. Basically, FFJ understood all of my needs as a customer and replied very quickly to all of my questions via email. They know how to solve difficult problems facing businesses when it comes to fake food. I live in Paris and thanks to the Internet I was able to find FFJ and receive my customized items with ease. Technology makes life easier and as a result, we can create new business dealings without seeing factories or companies no matter where they are located in the world. I was so happy to meet FFJ - reliable, courteous, and professional.
Victor S., France