I chose to purchase the product from Fake Food Japan because I found that Fake Food Japan makes a good quality fake food product as shown on the website. Everything is well described for instance the size of the product and material used. Everything is professionally done. I ordered a fake grilled Ayu fish and a fake fried shrimp because I am a big fan of cuisine around the world. And of course my most favorite food is Japanese food so my fried shrimp will not only stay in my lunch bento box but also will stay with me as an accessory on my gym bag! How nice! I am very impressed with the product since it looks so real. The person who would be interested in fake food products can be vary from children to adults or even a restaurant that would want to make a customized version of their own food to show to the customer how their food looks. Since Fake Food Japan offers a very broad variety of products, they are suitable for every kind of food lover!
Suthipoj Rugtrakul, Thailand