It is a great pleasure to be able to write this to show my support for Fake Food Japan which I have recently purchased from. I decided to buy one of their products because it was the astounding detail and work put into them which caught my eye straight away. Being an artist myself I was able to appreciate the creativity which was put into each single one; pancakes are one of my favourite treats too. When I received my package I was thrilled to see it had come and made it all the way from Japan. I collect keycharms so it's delightful to own a handmade one which looks absolutely edible. Seeing it for the first time made me thankful that I had bought the item and was able to look at the glistening melting butter syrup on top in real life. It felt really good that I would never regret buying anything from Fake Food Japan. Everything looked like it had come out of a magazine. People who love quirky items and food should definitely try Fake Food Japan's products. The service over all was quick and the communication was lovely. Never did doubt Fake Food Japan because I knew exactly when it was being made and my package being sent. Thank you once again.
B.Springell, United Kingdom